Eightfold is a blog dedicated to the practice of ritual magic. Its author is a magician in the Ogdoadic tradition, about which you can read a rather formal ‘historical’ introduction here, but which will hopefully unfurl in its full vitality as this blog progresses. As the raw material of magic is life, you will find here not only reflections directly related to magical theory or history, but reflections on occulture’s intersections with all parts of life, including art and literature. The history of magic as the shadow-twin of Western culture means that magicians too often limit themselves to an ever-diminishing and mutually referential set of texts – but there’s much that can be found beyond the strictly occult bookshelves, however wonderful.

The author prefers to remain anonymous, for reasons innumerable. He lives in London, in the UK. And that’s all you’re getting. You can read more about the aims of this blog in its very first post.

The image currently used for a header on this site is a detail from Max Ernst’s 1969 painting ‘Naissance d’une Galaxie’.

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